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How Do You Take Your Tea?

Coffee mug mockup

Would you like milk and sugar with that? A phrase that has been imprinted in our minds from as old as we can remember. So it will not come as a surprise that we are a nation of tea-drinkers! Well we are pleased to inform you that the 21st of May is International Tea Day!

May 21 written on a calendar to remind you an important appointment.

We want to know what makes your perfect cup. Whether you are a milk and 2 sugars kind of person, black all the way, or are into some herbal tea. It is time to boil the kettle and enjoy a wee cup of tea!

How do you drink your tea?

Tea is personal we all have our perfect method of making the perfect cuppa. Whether that is stewing the bag for the perfect amount of time or having the perfect milk to water ratio. It does not matter where we are, who we are with or what time it is we will always take up the offer of a cuppa!

There is nothing better than putting the kettle on and brewing a fresh cup of tea, and setting off on your daily tasks. From sitting in the office with your big mug that will keep you satisfied for a good 40 minutes or filling up your flask and setting off on a walk. A cup of tea takes your mood from -2 to 9 within minutes.

Afternoon Tea, Christmas Cookies.

Here at Leny Estate, we will be celebrating the day with our afternoon tea on our grounds. If you are wanting to mark the occasion by going out you could not be in a better location than Callander as there are many places where you can get your tea and scones served to you. 

Join us on the 21st of May and tell what you take in your tea!

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