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Exploring Some of Scotland’s Best Courses

View of the green rolling landscape and bunkers or sand traps at Golf course. The golf field is made in 3D.

This year is a big year for Scotland as it is 150 years of ‘The Open’. Where we will be seeing one of the most iconic golfing events happening right on our doorstep at St Andrew’s from the 10-17th July 2022. Scotland is the is the birthplace of the sport, and therefore, it is no surprise that there are countless iconic golf courses that let you experience the very best of the sport.

Here at Leny Estate we pride ourselves on our Scottish heritage and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us daily. There is nothing better than being with nature and getting to explore some beautiful scenery. We are lucky enough to be in a position that enables us to be close to many of Scotland’s best courses, whether you are a local or a visitor from afar there is a wide range of courses from you to choose from.

We have picked three of our top favourite courses that will allow you to explore some of Scotland’s best courses.

Loch Lomond golf course aerial view Scotland UK

Loch Lomond

Up first is Loch Lomond, being just under an hour away from you where you will be able to play on one of the most sought after courses with Sandy Lyle, Nick Faldo and Bernard Gallacher being regulars on the course.

Beautiful landscape view of a floodplain in the highlands of Scotland.


Next on our list is the Crieff golf club. This course will allow you to experience a different side of Scotland giving you a change of scenery and introducing you to the Northern part of Scotland. Being only 45 minutes from Leny Estate you have the choice of two courses: The Ferntower Course and the Dornock.

Gleneagles, Scotland: 28 Dec 2018 - Entrance Gate to Gleneagles Hotel and Golf Course


For our final pick, we have gone for a classic that is one of the most iconic courses in the golfing world. Being just over 30 minutes away Gleneagles offers you three courses to pick from: The Kings Course, The Queens Course and The PGA Centenary. This course is one of those bucket-ticking courses that has been home to some of the greats and have hosted some of golfing biggest events.

Each course has a personality of its own and that is what we were drawn to as here at Leny Estate we pride ourselves on being our own identity and being part of those memory-making moments! Contact us to find out how we can help provide the perfect accommodation.

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