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How to Plan the Perfect BBQ at Leny Estate

Nothing says summer like a barbeque, and what better way to make it memorable than having it at Leny Estate. Here at Leny Estate, every getaway rental has its own brick built outdoor barbeque, perfect for hosting the ultimate family day! Planning a BBQ can be a difficult feat, you always forget something, which is not ideal. So, in order to plan the perfect BBQ, you have to remember all the little things, fortunately, we are here to help you by giving you a guide to planning the perfect barbeque. This guide will ensure you don’t forget any of the important things or the little details that make your life easier.

Day and Time
The first thing to do is plan the day and time of your summer barbeque. We recommend looking at what days on your stay have the best weather. Once you have picked your preferred day, the next step is to pick what time to eat, some people might prefer eating in the hottest part of the day to catch all the sun Scotland can offer, whereas others may prefer a time closer to the evening so they can enjoy the weather once it has cooled a bit. Now that you have decided on lunch or dinner, you can start thinking about activities, this could be as simple as playing music on a speaker to set the mood, bringing a football is always a great way to keep the kids occupied or you can bring a deck of cards for classic fun in the sun!

What to Buy
Figuring out what to buy can feel overwhelming at times, but it is simple once you break it down. Firstly, you will need to check with your guests if they are vegan/vegetarian or if they have any food intolerances or allergies so you may feed all guests appropriately. Once you have that information, and accommodated any special requirements, you must now decide what type of BBQ you will have. You could go the traditional BBQ route to do burgers and hotdogs, which is always a fan favourite, or you can do the everything but the kitchen sink path- this includes all varieties of skewers, bell peppers to be charred, burgers, sausages, chicken or perhaps some lamb. The more is more approach can also involve some side salads, starters, and some fresh fruit- perfect for ending a meal. Whichever BBQ style you choose, we are sure it will be a hit!

Don’t forget to offer a selection of beverages, in the sun it is vital to keep hydrated. We recommend offering a jug of iced water on the table that is always topped up, to avoid any heat stroke or dehydration. Of course, you can offer your guests and yourself all your alcohol favourites, but first and foremost take care of each other and remember to drink water!

Food Preparation
A helpful tip we have learned along the way is to prep your food the morning of or the night before, we find that it saves so much time and keeps your event running smoothly. Think about preparing lettuce, tomato or any vegetables that need to be washed and cut the morning of or put in the fridge if you prep the night before. Make a checklist of condiments and any other fun add On’s to the meal, the list may look like this: ketchup, mayo, cheese slices, mustard, gherkins, tomato, lettuce, and relish. Another thing we learned that aids in a successful BBQ, is creating a clean up station/ rubbish station. Having a bin bag near by can be helpful, especially as it saves on clean up time later. Creating a designated clean up space lets your guests know what to do after they finish their meal. Put a bin next to a small table so that any scraps or rubbish can be thrown into the bin and then all plates and cutlery can be neatly stacked on the table for cleaning.

BBQ Safety
It’s time for the BBQ safety talk, this is particularly important if there are children present. You must never leave the barbeque unattended. Keep children, garden games and pets away from the cooking area. As long as you are responsible and keep these tips in mind- you will have a grand time. Don’t forget to keep yourselves safe from UV rays and apply your sunscreen! If bugs are a bother to you, another tip is to bring a citronella candle to light whilst you enjoy the outdoors.

Now that you have all the details planned, it is time for you to put it in motion! We hope our tips helped you to add another fun family activity to your stay at Leny Estate. From choosing the day, food, and beverages to BBQ safety- you know it all, and you are now a professional barbeque host, so go ahead and enjoy the summer with Leny Estate!

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